Professional Consulting Arborist Services

Moore Trees Consulting Arborists are
• Qualified AQF Level 5 • Dedicated • Professional • Fully insured • Registered consultants

Picus® Sonic Tomograph

Moore Trees owns specialised expert equipment to conduct ultrasound tests on trees. Decay and cavities that otherwise may not be observed, are revealed with a colour coded two dimensional image. Read more...

Tree inventory systems

Most managers could answer how many staff they are responsible for. How many can answer how many trees they are responsible for? If you don’t know what you are managing, then how can you manage? Read more...

About Moore Trees

Moore Trees was established to meet a need for effective, proactive management of trees in the urban forest.
Moore Trees offers a full range of services that include tree hazard assessment, using methods that are recognized internationally. Defects in standing trees can be a serious hazard. Moore Trees operates the Picus® Sonic Tomograph used to detect decay within standing trees. We also prepare arborist reports that are required for Council development applications.
Moore Trees can provide you with solutions and answers for any tree related problem.  If we cannot provide you with the answers, then we will give you the appropriate industry knowledge to help you manage your urban forest asset.  Let us help plan, maintain and mature your asset, so that you will appreciate it for years to come.